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East Preston Infant School

East Preston Infant School

Wraparound Childcare

Our wraparound childcare is currently provided by Activ8 run by Debbie Webb.  The childcare is being  temporarily housed at the Infant School for both Infant and Junior Schools whilst arrangements are being made to resite this provision in the 'old Rascals' building located between the two schools.

For further information and booking details please click on the link below:-

Activ8 Activity Hub

Alternative Wraparound Childcare

Please click on the link below for a directory of childminders in the area.

From September 2016 parents and childcare providers have the right to request the use school facilities for wraparound and/or holiday provision at times when the school is not using them.

Wraparound childcare means before school childcare (for example, breakfast clubs), or after school childcare (for example, regular provision that runs until 6pm or later). Holiday childcare means childcare that is available through schools during the school holidays.

There is guidance on this in a document published by the Department for Education.  Find it here

Schools can decide to run wraparound and/or holiday care themselves or they can offer the opportunity to registered childcare providers through a tendering process.  Schools can also link up with local childcare providers such as childminders and other registered childcare providers.

If you would like to request further wraparound childcare, please write to the headteacher, Claire New, requesting the type of childcare required, the age range of the children requiring wraparound or holiday childcare and when provision is most needed.  If the school receives 10 or more requests between the beginning of the Autumn Term and the start of the Summer Term, then the school will consider wider demand across the school and communicate findings back to parents in the second part of the Summer Term.