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East Preston Infant School

East Preston Infant School


Here at East Preston Infant School our aim is for children to enjoy and participate in as much physical activity as possible, inside and outside of lesson time. Here are a few things that we do.


During our two lessons of PE a week (inside- dance or gymnastics, outside- games) the children learn, develop and practise the core skills. They are then given the opportunity to apply these skills into team games or sequences, allowing them to practise working within a team, communicating and developing tactics.


During our lunch play the children are able to take part in ‘Positive Play’. These are adult and sports leader led activities where the children are having fun playing games as well as reinforcing the skills taught within the PE lessons. Children who are less active during lunch play are encouraged by the sports leaders to join in with the games.


We also offer a wide range of sporting clubs throughout the year before and after school for the children to continue to raise their activity levels and enjoy being active. These include; Karate, Gymnastics, Dance, Beefit, Football, Tennis, Cricket, Archery and Change 4 Life. We also offer all of the children in KS1 the opportunity to compete in locality events at least 6 times a year. We ensure all children that want to take part do so, to encourage and promote being active and to continue their enthusiasm towards sport. Competitions we take part in include: Half Mile, Multi-skills, Boccia and NAK, Basketball and football. In 2017-18 we had 50% of children attend a club or competition throughout the year. EYFS and KS1 also take part in a Virtual Multi-skills which is a competition within the school as well as amongst the locality.

To see reports of the competitions we have entered please visit:


Every year we hold a sports week in which we give the children opportunities to try sports that they may not have tried before. Activities in the past have included yoga, tri gold, street dance, football, fencing, tennis and bench ball. Alongside sports week we also hold a Sports Day for the whole school to compete in as well as host an EYFS multi-skills event for all Reception children within the locality.