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East Preston Infant School

East Preston Infant School

Our Priorities

On our annual school development plan INSET day in the spring term, staff and Governors met to review the school’s targets for the year and identify priorities for following year. Each year the school is required to identify areas that need to be developed and possibly improved. These targets become the basis of the School’s Development Plan and throughout the year staff, Governors and children work together to achieve these targets. Hopefully by sharing our priorities with you the parents, you will be able to work with us to ensure that this very successful school becomes even more successful!

Priority 1 Continue to increase the rate of progress for boys in Reading, Writing and Maths
Priority 2 Continue to increase the rate of progress for more able pupils in Writing and Maths
Priority 3 Continue to close the gap for disadvantaged pupils in Reading, Writing and Maths
Priority 4 Continue to further improve and refine the quality of teaching and learning
Priority 5 Ensure the continued personal development, wellbeing and safety of all pupils and staff
Priority 6

Continue to develop and promote an understanding of healthy lifestyle choices

Priority 7 Ensure that all stakeholders have the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the life of the school, ensuring that their ideas and contributions will be listened to and valued
Priority 8 Continue to maintain, develop and improve the quality of the indoor and outdoor learning environments, ensuring that the school is fit for purpose
Priority 9

Ensure Governors continue to provide effective challenge, knowledge of impact and hold the Headteacher to account