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East Preston Infant School

East Preston Infant School

Online Safety Advice


The internet can be a fantastic place for children and young people where they can talk to friends, be creative and have fun.  However, just like in the real world sometimes things can go wrong.  It can be hard to know how to talk to your child about online safety.  If you or your child are worried or upset about something which has happened on the internet there is help out there. We've listed some sites here that you may find useful. 


Did you know about the following age requirements for holding social media accounts?

  • Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube 13 years
  • WhatsApp16 years
  • Tik Tok requires users to be at least 13 years old to access its platform. (Common Sense Media has recommended that this app is appropriate for those aged at least 16 years old and above due to its mature content and information settings.)

So many children have access to phones and tablets this poster shows apps that parents should be aware of:

Useful Information about Gaming

Many children enjoy gaming and parents often feel under pressure to let their children play games which potentially are not suitable for their child’s age group.  Below are some useful posters which give detail about the content of these, age restrictions and useful tips for keeping safe. 

7 Questions to Start an Online Safety Conversation
Age Ratings
12 Smartphone Tips
12 Top Tips
Online Safety Tips for Children
Gaming & Violent Behaviour
Minecraft Poster for Parents