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East Preston Infant School

East Preston Infant School

Art & Design


At East Preston Infant School, we aspire for our children to see themselves as artists who can explore and express their emotions, thoughts and ideas through a wide range of different media. We aim for children to develop creativity, skills and knowledge of diverse artists and genres through engaging activities where all children’s work and ideas are celebrated.


Art and Design is taught through exciting learning opportunities interwoven into our cross-curricular learning journeys. Our Art and Design curriculum is delivered through progressive, skills-based lessons focusing on drawing, painting, print-making, three-dimensional work and mixed media (including textiles, collage and digital art). Through continuous provision, children have opportunities to consolidate their learning and explore their skills independently.

Through our involvement in the nationwide project of Take One Picture, our children have the opportunity to connect with our wider creative community. Our curriculum also introduces them to a variety of artists, craft makers and designers from different times and places around the world. Evaluation of artists and their own original works of art support children’s ability to reflect and make links.

We actively promote the celebration of our children’s artistic achievements through displays within the local community and throughout the school.

Intended Impact

Through Art and Design, the children will learn to:

  • develop a sense of self and see themselves as artists
  • enhance their appreciation and understanding of the world around them
  • work with a variety of media to produce art
  • appreciate the work of artists, craft makers and designers from a range of cultures of communities

Art Progression Overview
Art Milestones
Art Learning Journey